Quality Control Equipment

January 30, 2009

Quality control

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Looking for state of the art quality control equipment? This is not an advertisement or a promotional activity but just helping buyers aware of the do’s and don’ts. As a part of a team of quality control engineers at a manufacturing unit where we utilize a range of equipment for laboratory quality control, I have gone through bad phases affecting my work deadline. We used to use quality control equipment of local brands in the process and always went for the price rather than quality. The result is frequent breakdowns. It so happened that most of these instruments for laboratory quality control hardly worked smoothly even during warranty period, taking most of our time, making us work for long hours other than the usual office timings. The management count on us for the quality of output as well as quantity delivered. They won’t see whether the quality control equipment or other manufacturing machines used are not working properly.

Hence, we made up our mind that we refer the company, i.e. the supplier or manufacturer from where the quality control equipment is to be procured. It is via the Internet, references, and blog articles like mine that I came across Aimil. This company manufactures a wide range of products for laboratory quality control such as portable gloss meter, colorimeters, digital gloss meters, flame photometer, reflectance meters, spectrophotometers, etc., which we require. For other quality control equipment that it doesn’t manufacture, it arranges the same from reliable brands.


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